Seema Chaudhary is local inhabitant of Lahan Municipaly-15, Shovapur, Siraha. She lives with her husband and other 4 family members. About 7 months ago, she participated AAH training conducted by UVN. It was her first training in her life. She was encouraged, influenced by the natural farming methods, and started natural farming without using any chemicals. She sells excess vegetables in local market after consuming for her family. In one day, she earns about 1000-1500 rupees. She sells 4 days in a week. She makes about 15-20 thousand income by selling vegetables like pumpkin, onion, chilli, brinjal, green leafy vegetables etc. in a month. She saves total amount of Rs.1550 per month in co-operative and farmers saving group of UVN. She is also supporting financially for her sister-in-law’s study. She is hard working, active and wise woman. Her husband works in a city area and is happy to see her effort to generate income by natural farming. She got proper knowledge about the disadvantages and effects of chemicals and pesticides. She is also happy that she could save money, which she used to spend for purchasing chemical fertilizers and pesticides before. She says,” I provide fresh and healthy food for my family as well as to others. We should always think good of ourselves as well as others.”
She is very happy and thankful to UVN for providing knowledge on natural farming and making her able to grow healthy vegetables and generate enough income to support her family.


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