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United Vision Nepal (UVN) is a Non-profit Organization serving people with the love of God, especially in the rural and remote villages of Nepal for holistic development and transformation of lives and communities. 

It is our belief that when individuals and communities are changed, the nation can be changed. Change is an inside out process. Development is and should be holistic. A holistic development and transformation is an imperative as life is formation of compartments of body, soul and the spirit. When leaders are corrupt, community and nation become corrupt. Community and nation can be changed only when people and leaders are changed. People and leaders are changed only when their heart and mind is changed. Therefore, physical transformation is not a holistic but only partial transformation which does not contribute much for a total transformation of lives. A nation is never transformed or developed when people and leaders are corrupt. People never stop corruption until and unless they see and understand that this as a big SIN. Nepal has many religions and religious people but not much righteousness. What is needed is not religion but righteousness which brings prosperity, peace, harmony and joy which are essential elements of a good and healthy society. How do we then face such challenge? Finding a satisfactory answer to this question is a big challenge in itself and UVN is working towards it.

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