A Lesson Worthy Enough to Learn

Ms. Harka Maya Rai is from Betaha, Siraha. She lives with her husband and 2 young daughters. She is a farmer by profession. She has been raising goats from her childhood. She used to think she has very good knowledge on goat raising.

20 goats died due to disease last year and at that moment she realized the need of training of goat keeping. She was quite unaware and unfamiliar with the different kind of diseases and their remedies. She did not know about the different types of vaccines and its appropriate time for use. She had never realized the importance of sanitation for goats and it was not important for her as well. She was careless on management of droppings and urine of goats.

Now, when she has received goat keeping training, her face lights up with happiness. This training has proved to be a stepping stone for her. She came to know different types of diseases, precautions and their remedies. She has built an improved goat pen and is focused on sanitation. She is collecting manure and urine separately and using it in her vegetable garden. She learnt about keeping the goats separate in different stage and she is doing according to that. She is quite optimistic, that she will be able to save her goats when there is flu on goats. She says, “my goats would have been saved if UVN was here last year.” I got this training very practical and helpful.

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